Welcome to is a consultancy which provides support services for the Australian community and esp. autistic children and parents to find the "perfect" companion animal. Here you'll find advice on how to select your pet.

Due to increased isolation in the living environment and less social interactions, autistic and disabled people in particular have a need for pets. Pets contribute to the overall well-being of individuals as they form fundamental bonds to humans resulting in health, social and economic benefits.


News: We are opening our new petting zoo soon

Much to the delight of visitors both young and old our new petting zoo experience allows you to get up close and personal to pets, farm animals and some exotic animals. We will include an interactive educational area where kids can sit and draw pictures of some of the animals that they have encountered and they can add their drawing to the others on the wall for all to see, or take it home with them as a token of their special day.

Please note that our petting zoo will be different to other zoos!

  • We will keep our animals and will not sell them when they are adults
  • We will not take any animal away from its mother at that age can suffer greatly.
  • Any animal used for show purposes is our pet and will be treated as such forever.
  • We just have animals which stay small and don't cause any dangers to kids.
  • We will not sell or re-home our animals when they are old.
  • We will make sure that all animals are treated respectful
  • We teach kids and parents how to interact with animals.
  • Visitors can just enter the animals area when we can supervise them.
  • Our petting zoo will never be overcrowded with many animals in small enclosures. Animals will have space away from visitors.

To keep visitors and animals healthy:

  • Hands and shoes will be desinfected before and after entering the petting zoo supports you:

  • Pet Experts answer your questions about obtaining, owning and caring for pets
  • Consider which type of pet: cat, bird, cats, dog, fish, reptiles.
  • Find a suitable pet for you and your family.
  • Meet our pet consultants.
  • Advice on responsible pet ownership.
  • Pet support programs for disabled people.
  • Raising awareness of the need for pet support programs as an integrated part of overall service delivery to the disabled living at home.
  • Find registered and responsible breeders.

Fox Rescue

Foxes are permitted to be kept at homes as a pet only in NSW in Australia. Although they are termed as a ‘pest’, they are often loved by people for their energetic zeal. Many own them as pets. There are many fox-rescue organizations that rehome foxes so that they can be rehabilitated. [more]

Macaw as Pets

Macaws can be lovely pets for teen kids as they are entertaining, responsive, and beautiful to look at. However, macaws survive only if they have the proper living conditions. Check for details to find whether you can maintain this majestic as a pet. [more]

Squirrels as Pets

Although cute and cuddly, squirrels are not really popular pets in Australia. As the little rodents can create havoc in the neighbourhood, the Australian government has banned people from owning squirrels, except in NSW where they are bred with care and sold as pets. [more]

Sheep as Pet

If you love to own a docile yet friendly and entertaining pet, here is your choice: a couple of Dorper or Wiltipoll. Easy to keep and enjoyable to watch, the sheep is ideally suited as a pet for hobby farmers who require the animals to keep the grass trimmed. [more]

Emu as a Pet

It is necessary to find out if you are able to own an emu as a pet. The bird requires a suitable pen and shelter, food, etc to survive. Emus are best suited in large farms with poultry, cattle, and other farm animals in it. [more]

Alpaca as Pets

Alpaca is an ideal pet in ranches if you have a herd of goats or sheep to look after. These intelligent, protective, yet amiable animals help to protect herds and entertain owners with their antics. [more]

Mini Donkeys

The miniature donkeys are cute, intelligent, easily manageable, and affectionate animals. They serve as companion pets to elderly couples and lonely people as they are friendly, docile, yet entertaining. [more]

Miniature Pigs as Pets

If you are in Australia, you cannot own the original miniature pigs. Pet lovers can own an Australian miniature pig which is not as tiny as the original one. Nevertheless, you can own a cute and cuddly pig that is quite similar to Kune Kune. [more]

Dwarf Angora Rabbit

The Dwarf Angora Rabbit is a crossbreed that came over to Australia and was further developed by many Australian breeders. Today, it is a popular recognized pet rabbit in Australia that is readily available across the country. [more]

Miniature Goats as Pets

Noted breeder, Sue Ludwig was able to successfully breed cute, tiny goats in 2000 after years of experiments. As a result of her success, she created the Australian Miniature Goat Club. The club allowed pet lovers to woo this animal as a companion pet. [more]

Peacocks Noisy

Peacocks Noisy

A peacock's cry can be heard from a distance. During peak mating season, the cries can be shrill and disturbing. However, there are ways to adjust to the noise. [more]

Build a Native Frog Pond

Build a Native Frog Pond

An attractive frog pond not only adds glitter to your courtyard but also helps you to stay away from pests. Frogs will swallow insects hovering near your home while the colourful flowers of the water plants will help to build up a cosy home for the amphibians. [more]

Aspergers Syndrome Therapy

Aspergers Syndrome Therapy

Dogs are not only social animals but also keen learners. They can overcome social barriers, prejudice, and language considerations to communicate and act according to the way they have been trained. Therapy dogs are useful to perform many tasks to help Aspies. [more]

Horse as Pets

Horse as Pets

A trained horse is a graceful animal which can entertain its owner thoroughly. Many people keep horses as pets, so that they can ride from one place to another or use them in races. In some parts of Australia, there are ranches that maintain numerous stables. [more]

Home Pet Sitter

Home Pet Sitter

Not all pets are docile, amiable, and social, especially when the owner leaves them for a vacation under the care of a home pet sitter. Dealing with such difficult pets can be tough initially. But, once you win its heart, it would be a lovable pet all throughout your stay. [more]

Autism Assistant Dogs

Autism Assistant Dogs

Aspergers Syndrome is a common irregularity diagnosed for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Sometimes Aspies can survive near-death accidents, lead an independent life, or develop their abilities with the help of these special pets. [more]

Pet Therapy and Autism

Pet Therapy and Autism

Pet therapy works best when introduced to Aspie kids below 5 years. In many situations where caregivers or parents cannot mitigate a troubled-mind or give round-the-clock attention to the kids, pets come in as a savior, friend, and soul-mate for the family. [more]

Siberian Cats

Siberian Cats

Since ages, Siberian cats have been one of the popular pets for kids and the aged. Sturdy and devoted, the cats don’t require too much attention but can be playful and entertaining nevertheless. [more]